You Can't Get Enough of Our Scratch-Made Baked Goods

Louisiana Praline Factory bakes only the best

Satisfy your sweet tooth with an authentic Cajun treat from Louisiana Praline Factory Inc. This family-owned and operated business has been serving up your favorite pralines and pastries since 1998.

You can find our made-from-scratch Cajun favorites at one of the many locations that sell our treats around the state of Louisiana and beyond. Spoil yourself by snagging one of our famous ooey-gooey cakes or pralines today!

Enjoy homemade taste right out of the package

Louisiana Praline Factory is proud to bake only high-quality treats for you to enjoy from your favorite store. There's no other company quite like us because:

  • Our treats always taste homemade
  • We designed and built our own factory equipment
  • We only use natural preservatives
Stock-up on your favorite Cajun-approved goodies today, and taste the difference in our scratch-made pralines and pastries.

Learn more about our sweet story

Kathy Dorsey and her husband own and operate Louisiana Praline Factory. Kathy's family have roots in Louisiana and have been in the food industry their whole lives. Kathy's passion for creating homemade deliciousness started in the 1980s when she opened a pastry shop. She and her husband founded Louisiana Praline Company to make delicious pralines to complement their pastries.

Relying on Kathy's creativity and her husband's engineering talents, they designed and built their own equipment to produce their assorted tasty treats. They're founding members and serve on the board of directors of the Louisiana Food Processors Association (LFPA). If you haven't tried their famous Cajun treats yet, find your nearest retail location today, or call us at 337-247-8766.